Monday, August 6, 2007

Hi Tea

Ahad lak ade hi-tea anjuran persatuan perempuan Hulu Langat... (WI).. kat Hotel Metro Inn.. start kul 2.30.,.. tp hampeh.. dkt kul 3.30 br mula.. ramai gak yg hdr.. dkt 1K... aku, my mum, my sis, bkl adik ipar n my cousin join hi-tea tue.. ok laa wpun mula lmbt ...

TUjuan hi-tea ni tuk kutip derma .. sorg RM40.. berbaloi arr sbb makanan byk tul smpai tak larat nak makan.. satu table ade 10 org tp table we all just ade 8 org je.. 2 laie x dtg kot.. tak tau laa coz tak kenal...

Time tu dpt tgk tarian, karaoke, sesi tari menari n cabutan bertuah.. my cousin sorg je yg bertuah hr tue.. dpt laa hamper.. wpun kecik tp at least dpt gak.. enjoy gak la hi-tea smlm ..

1 comment:

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