Tuesday, August 7, 2007

HaRi InI

Pagi td dlm kul 11.30, aku, my cousin and bkl adik ipar g interview kat Parkson Grand, Kajang... utk jwtn kerani kat cwgn br Parkson kat StarHill.. br nak isi form, then personnel dia trgkan kat we all pe serba sedikit psl tmpt tue.. yg dorg nak mestila free hair, leh speaking... aku ngan my cousin ok laa tp bkl adik ipar x leh coz dia bertudung.. so we all ber2 je laa yg apply..

Pas dah bis isi form.. msk lak kat bilik personnel tue.. dia bgtau jwtn kerani limited .. mayb dah pnh.. n gaji kerani just RM900 jer... Sdgkan utk jwtn Sales Supervisor n Cashier leh dpt RM1300.. mmg bsr gak gaji tu tp memandang kan kena keja shift wat aku ssh nak terima keja tue... then decide nak terima ... then kena g training kat The Mall start Jumaat nie..

Bl dah settle sume tue... we all blik.. bl dah blik then pk2 decide nak tolak laa tawaran tue.. keja shift.. blik lmbt .. x safety plak tue... x pe laa.. bkn rezeki kot... mayb rezeki aku kat tmpt len...

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