Friday, June 4, 2010


Two men were on a plane on a business trip when a Muslim couple boarded the
plane and were seated right in front of them.
The two men, eager to have some fun, started talking loudly. "My boss is sending me to
Saudi Arabia ", the one said, "But I don't want to go...too many Muslims there!"
The Muslim couple noticeably heard and grew uncomfortable.
The other guy laughed, "Oh, yeah, my boss wanted to send me to
Pakistan but I refused...WAY too many Muslims!" Smiling, the first man said,
"One time I was in Iran but I HATED the fact that there were so many Muslims!"
The couple fidgeted.
The other guy responded, "Oh, can't go ANYWHERE to get away from
them...the last time I was in FRANCE I ran into a bunch of them too!"
The first guy was laughing hysterically as he added, "That is why
you'll never see me in Indonesia ... WAY too many Muslims!"
At this, the Muslim man turned around and responded politely,
"Why don't you go to Hell?", he asked, "I heard there's NO Muslim THERE!" ahaks!
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