Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Every four years, World Cup will arrived into our life. This year, 2010 World Cup will be the 19th World Cup, the premier international football tournament which will held at South Africa starting from June 11 until July 11. There are 8 group that participate in this year games.

Who Will Win This Year World Cup??? I guess Germany will win this year world cup. In the FIFA world ranking, Germany now in position 6. Germany have the chance to win this year World Cup as others group. This year Germany will be in Group D together with Australia, Serbia and Ghana.
Although I'm not so fanatic with football, but if with someone who love football, I will love to watch it too and can became a good supporter. So I know some of the famous player over the world. Although now Michael Ballack not in the team for this year match because of injury but Germany still can have the chance.

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