Friday, December 28, 2007

Cuti CHristmas..

Cuti KRismas ari tu aku sefamili n 2 cousin g Jusco terbesar kat BUkit TInggi Klang.. jauh gak laa dr Kajang.. dkt sejam lbh.. tp sbb dah sume gila melawat shopping complex tu jd x ksh tue...sampai kat sana dllm kul 3 ptg.. tu pun x hbs g sume kedai sbb dah lwt sgt. coz nak antar cousin kat UNISEL Kuala Selangor. MMg gila arr bershopping hr tu... byk gak arr berhabis kat sana.. hehehe...dlm kul 6.30 dah kuar dr JUSCO tu..then singgah kat umah my cousin kat Tmn Sri Andalas kat Klang.. dinner kat sana n then dlm kul 8 bertolak ke Kuala Selangor.. jauh btl perjalanan ke UNISEL tue..sampai sana dlm kul 9.30.. pnt tul ...

1 comment:

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